Oops i forgot to do the Child Theme before I started


Hi, not 100% sure why I didn’t make a child theme first up, I always do, but I suddenly realised that I hadn’t.

I have downloaded the Child Theme you have and uploaded all 4 files in that, but when I switch to the Child theme it is not inheriting everything.

I read in other posts elsewhere that I should just copy all of the files over to the child theme that have been altered, I did that and it broke the site completely and I ended up with the white screen of death.

What additions to the child theme could/should I make to get it to inherit everything.

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Template files that are part of WordPress default template hierarchy can be copy/pasted from Parent Theme to Child Theme but other files can’t. If you attempted to copy files such as functions.php, extras.php you definitely run into fatal errors because you can’t do that under any circumstances.

You can modify Parent theme functions via Child theme only if those functions are wrapped with function_exists tag like this:

if ( ! function_exists( 'dazzling_setup' ) ) :

Then you can take these functions from any file in Parent theme and move to Child theme functions.php file and make necessary changes there.

Now that you have already modified everything there is no shortcut to switch to Child Theme and you have to compare original theme files with your updated version and slowly implement everything inside Child Theme.


Ok Thanks, thinking long and hard about it, I haven’t actually modified any of the theme files anyway, it is all in the css styles in Other and styling things like that, so any theme updates should affect it anyway.

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Just a thought, if I activate the child theme and go to the trouble of redoing everything, will that work and save me from any further problems ??

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Child Theme is the only way how you can make theme customizations update safe. Otherwise you will have to redo all things after each theme update.

Hi everyone and yourself Aigars. Like many of us, I wholeheartedly appreciate the theme and support you give!

Just one quick question, as per the recent update to the theme - I too, had forgotten to create a child theme, but have since downloaded and installed it. The only problem that I seem to have is re-adding a top nav bar that I created using this post HERE

I just seem to struggle with what code to add to the child themes (functions.php) to link the top nav bar created in the Parent themes header.php

If you could be of any assistance, that would be highly appreciated before I cry! :,(