Open Sparkling social icons in new tab by default

I looked in functions.php so maybe I’m overlooking it but I need to have my social icons open in a new tab. I didn’t see where I could change it in the sidebar.php files either.

Code related to social media icons can be found on extras.php file which you can find on theme folder - inc. The same code is used for social icons in footer and widget area.


I love the theme but I am having trouble with one primary thing. I am in China and trying to add chinese social networking sites to my website. Although, I can find the root image folder for the social icons on my FTP client. usually it should be under theme/trevelify/images. Is there anyway you could help me do this? All I need to know is how to change the code or switch out one of the image links from one of the other social media websites I am not using.



There are no specific image folder for this theme as there is no images includes. This theme used Genericons for social icons and you can see theme here:

If you can find icon on that collection then you can replace that via simple CSS trick by looking how current icons are defined. Let me know if you need help with that. If your deserved icon is not there then you will have to change the entire icon font library to some other or use your own custom icons but this is definitely out of scope of free support.

Can you please explain how to locate this “extras.php” file? I am not finding it anywhere. And then, can you please elaborate on how to go about replacing an existing icon with a new icon? I went to the Genericons website and found that they have the Soundcloud icon (which is what I’m trying to use). Could you please help me replace one of my existing icons with the Soundcloud icon?

Thanks in advance,

disregard! I figured it out.

Thanks for the nice theme of travelify.
I want to add the social icon for a social network which is not included in Genericons. What shall I do? Could you please help we?
I want to add my page in which is a Persian video social network. Its icons are available
Thanks in advance for your kind help.