Good day Support!

I just purchased the license for the template ‘webhost’ today and I received the confirmation email of the purchase but it says it is still ‘processing’ my order. How long does it take to finish? BTW, I really need your help because the template I am using is really causing a slight trouble in my website, there’s something that breaks my SSL in it, I hope you can help me fix it ASAP.
I knew about the issue when I use whynopadlock.com on my website. Here’s my website link: https://hostalyf.com for you to confirm or investigate my issue. The result says ‘Mixed - Error’, probably because there’s a jquery file that invokes a http website but it isn’t contain in the source script itself…

I really need help with this… I’m just a self-taught web dev and I got no deep knowledge about jquery … still learning more…

By the way here’s the order # 285668 of the template I just purchased. Please I beg you help me with this because its giving me headache!

I hope you can help me. Please send me email too if you guys read this. [email protected]

Thank you and best regards!

By the way, I’m using the free webhost template… now I got the license it just got approved now.

Hello admins? Supports? Moderators? Are you guys still there? Please help me! :frowning:

Hey there

Sorry for the delay

  1. There is no more steps after the purchase, you don’t need to do anything else
  2. SSL - yes, this file loads unsecured HTTP from : https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.5.1.min.js what you need to to is to load this file locally form your site and replace all HTTP to https

Let me know if it worked

Hello there Noda!
I don’t think I can do it. I don’t have in-depth knowledge about jquery so that means I don’t know which of these are safe to touch or not … I really need to fix this right away because it’s giving us a bad image especially that we’re still new.

Is there a way for me to share to you the website files so somehow you can help us look into it please? So far I only encounter this problem with this template… I will not bother anymore once you guys help me fixed this.

Please tell me if I can just share here the website file link…

Please help, I beg. Thanks!

Hey any support who’s active? Been waiting for days already for this template to be fixed! Darn, I was hoping to find an active support here who can resolve the issue… what’s wrong Colorlib?

Are you still here admins, supports and mods?

Guys I really need help with this. I paid for this template, all I ask is a solution…I only have one problem and i stated it above!
just tell me if you guys can’t solve my problem I guess it is much better than waiting and hoping for any good news to come. You were the ones who created the template… that’s why I doubt if you can’t help me! I know you guys can help it’s just that reaching you all is very very very difficult!!!

Please, once and for all! FIX My TEMPLATE!!!

Hey there

Please consider, you purchased a license to remove footer credit from the template, HTML templates are provided as is, without proper knowledge and experience you ill be not able to achieve your goal, link, in this case, you need to make minor changes

Pleae provide FTP details and I will try to help you this time

Nevermind. I just hired a web dev on fiverr and have it fixed within an hour. It’s really better than to wait for a very slow reply.

Thanks Colorlib for amazing support! See ya :confused: :confused: :confused:

Hey there

Well, sorry but about it
I hope I can help you next time :slight_smile: