Overlapping text in mobile

Good evening,

Sometimes the text from my posts overlap in the mobile version of my site www.melodays.com,

I’m noticing it happen around my plugin “Profile Widget Ninja”

I’m not sure if it’s happening on other areas of the site.

May I ask what would be the best way to find the source of this issue?

Many thanks,

Hello Melody

Can you provide a screenshot of the problem? sorry but i can’t see it

Sorry about, that I’ve attached a screenshot.

Good morning

Looks like the widget is removed because its no more there, yesterday it was there

Hello, I have re-installed the widget because I wasn’t having luck with any other profile plug-in options.
Please let me know if you want me to send anything else.
Thank you

hello there

right now layout of the widgets is changed, the widget is there but its at the bottom and there is no visible problem like on the screenshot, is it ok for you?

Hello again,

I’m having the same issue but I see it’s not related to the profile widget.

Ive attached screenshot.
Many thanks for your help.

Hey there

Just scrolled your homepage and I can’t see it :frowning: can you tell me where exactly I can meet this problem?