Page Feature Image Not Replacing Original Theme Image

On all pages, the original image used in the Blaskan Theme can not be replaced by a Feature Image. The original image doesn’t appear under Media. Can the banner image (feature image) not be replaced for each page?

Good morning Susank

Can i see this page? if im not wrong this is not a featured image, i want to see it, give me the link

Good Morning Noda,

My site isn’t live yet so I can’t send a link. However, I attached an image of the page view and the Edit Page. On the page view, the image you see is what was part of the theme download. I don’t see access to this image on the Page Edit.

I added a feature image but it does not show on the page view (I wouldn’t expect it to since it somehow can’t over write the coffee cup image that came with the theme.

Does this make sense to you?

Hello @susank

Well, i need to check this :frowning: when do yu plan to upload your site to live server?

Hello Noda,

If you show me where this image with the coffee cup is located in the theme (it’s not in the media library), I can figure out how to change the page image. Thank you. Susan

Hello Susan

Sorry but I can’t tell if I don’t have a page to see it :frowning:

No worries Noda. I have someone looking into it for me to fix the problem. Other than the page issue, I love the theme. Thank you for offering it for free:)

Good morning

ooh, what great news :slight_smile: that’s cool, let me know if you have something else for me, feel free to open new ticket and
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