Page Header Title Not Appearing


I’ve checked posts about similar topics in this forum, but my problem could not be solved using the solutions offered there.

The page title isn’t displaying properly on this page here (Japan Market Expansion Plans - Tokyoesque - Globally Aware & Curious). It should appear in black, saying “Japan Market Expansion Plans”.

The page title appears just fine on most pages, such as this one (Impactful Japan Market Expansion: Market Research, Export Support & Localisation - Tokyoesque - Globally Aware & Curious), however is not working on the one mentioned above.

Could someone help me work through this please? If need be, I can give you access details in the DMs.

Thank you very much!

Hi Alex

first of all try to use SEO plugins, for example use YOAST to make changes in page titles and let me know if it worked



Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried to make changes using my SEO plugin (RankMath) to change page titles, but this unfortunately hasn’t worked. It’s set correctly, but the title still isn’t showing on the page I mentioned.

I also can’t use YOAST currently as this would clash with RankMath.

Would you by any chance have any shortcode that I could use to fix this problem?

Hi @alex24

Any chance to check this? can you please provide access credentials in DM? I will check why its not working, or, can you please share live URL with the screenshots?


Hi Noda!

Absolutely - thank you! I’ve DMed you the access details, URL and screenshots.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I need to provide!

Thanks very much,


Thanks Alex, i’ve replied back