Page jump doesn't work

The URL is

Page jumps from these two buttons to the respecive sections of the Front Page don’t work:

Screenshot 2021-10-14 132806

I thinkn they are set up correctly:

Screenshot 2021-10-08 150310

Please help.

Hi there

Please use latest version of the theme with bug fixes from our github page and try again:


I replaced the existing theme with the one that you linked, but the two buttons still don’t jump to the respective sections. But the IDs are correct, so why it doesn’t work?

Please can somebody help me to make the buttons work?

Hey there

Sorry for the inconvenience,
@mahendra.pratap4022 can you take a look here? others also reported this issue, we use the latest version of the theme, thanks in advance


Hi @colorlibsupport

Currently, I’m not working for some reason I’ll check it out once I’m back.


@mahendra.pratap4022 ok, thanks man, :wink:

Can somebody please help me?

Hello @colorlibsupport ? I need to solve this issue!


Yes, I understand, sorry about that but it will take some time before fixing this issue :frowning:

Any chance of getting this solved?

Try it now, hopefully it will work

Still the same, the buttons don’t work!

Sorry for the delay, I hope it will be fixed soon :frowning:

I understand. But can it be assigned to somebody or escalated? I need the buttons to work, they can’t stay broken forever. Thanks


No, we have only one developer, sorry :frowning:

Ahhh, sad. If you really want to solve it ASAP then I would suggest you to hire someone to do this for you manually.

Sorry once again, @johnkim :frowning:

It’s alright my friend.

You are most welcome @johnkim :slight_smile: