Page Layout Builder

Hi everybody.
First of all I’m in love with your theme.
I’m getting crazy trying to add a page builder layout like Site Origin or Minimax, but unfortunately the first one doesn’t load (Page layout widget visual editor -i used it with no problem in another theme, but I like yours the more-) and I’m unable to get access to a WP Google maps Map via text or adding it to my page with the widget at minimax plug in, the map doesn’t show up. The same problem with google maps widget.
Everything at the widget footer section (contact data, map in every page, that’s what i want).
Do you have a tutorial or something like that???

Hi @basureroenlinea,

Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.

The live composer plugin is working fine for one of our user who have contacted us here

Could you please share me the page URLs from your site where it is not working correctly so that i can troubleshoot it?

Currently we don’t have tutorial of it.

Kind Regards,


Thanks a lot for your answer. Actually, all of the page layout builders work well when you create a new page, but, what i want to do is to use them like widgets at any of the four footer sections of front page (I really don’t know how to load a page at that footer -when I tried so (using iframe), it obviosly repeated that section again and again because the normal behaviour is to draw the footer in every page-).

So, do you know of any widget that works with layout(not inside a page)? Or any tip of how to load page in my footer sections without iframe, I already tried everything.

Thanks in advance.

I am not sure from your above description what you are trying to achieve so could you please tell me a bit more in detail by sharing some screenshots and page URLs from your site?