Page Loading Multiple Times


Thank you so much for your previous help. I have another issue when anyone opens the website so it’s loading 3 times. Can you please check and suggest?

Website link:

hey there

is this problem already fixed? I just tried and it loaded one time for me, normally like any other website

Thank you so much for your time. Kindly refresh the page when its loaded first time so it will show you multiple loading.


Yes, I see it now, can you please deactivate all your third-party plugins and check again? such problems usually are not theme related

Thank you so much for the help. It’s fixed now but I can see the counter is not working now. Can you please assist?

Hi there

Can you please also debug the plugins for this problem? I see some JS errors in the log file, however not sure whether they are from plugin or not


I have closed all the plugins one by one but still same.

Hi @qammar.altaf please send me your admin details in a direct message and I will chekc it

I tried but the message option is not visible. Please confirm.

HI @qammar.altaf I just send you a private message