Page Navigation Not Working

Hi again,

I have everything working on my page except for the page navigation in my blog. When you go to click 2, 3, 4 etc, it changes the page number in the url, but the content remains the same as page 1. How can I fix this?

Website url is

Hello @ajventura15,

This is quite a strange issue, can you please try to go Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks and just save the options at the bottom.

If this is not fixing it, can you provide me temporary admin dashboard access so I can have a live look?

Thank you

I am having the same problem. In fact what is happening is that the blog page does not have the usual single-page layout with all the blog posts and thumbnails. Rather, when I click “blog” I can see only the last post on the /blog page, and if I press “page 2” I see /blog/page/2/ in the address bar but the website loads the same post as before. I have already deleted and reinstalled the theme and re-made all the pages, in fact I am quite desperate this can be fixed…

the website is (in order to see how it is working nicely elsewhere you can visit the website English version which is



I have started an invesigation of this issue and will include a fix in the shortest possible time.

Until this fix hit the update, please go to Dashboard > Reading and increase the Blog pages show at most, as a temporary solution.

Sorry for the inconvenience!



Are you still having trouble with this?

It seems resolved now.


It is fixed indeed because I ended up paying a programmer to look at the issue. He said something was wrong in the CSS and it took about 20 minutes to fix. Odd because I didn’t ever open any of the CSS, PHP, OR HTML…


By version 1.0.16 this issue has been resolved.

Sorry for any inconvenience!