page scrolls to id jumps to page, not scrolls


from the menu at the top of my site, I want a smooth scroll down to a page. I’ve installed the page scroll to id plugin and followed the tutorial.

now, I don’t get a smooth scroll, It jumps to the page.

How can I solve this?

Hi @mathieu,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Is it working fine for you using default WordPress theme like Twenty Sixteen?

Have you contacted the plugin developer regarding the issue?

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Hi @mathieu

I was having this issue but I’ve been using the SiteOrigin pagebuilder plugin and this was driving me mad.

If you are using the pagebuilder plugin then I fixed this issue by giving the widget row the id, not placing it within the text.

On the editor screen click on the little wrench, then ‘edit row’ then on the right you can give the row an id. Create whatever id you want and then just use this as normal instead of inserting id’s into the text. This stopped my page from jumping and set it to scrolling instead.

Let me know if this helps, if not I hope you find it and hopefully this will help someone else who was stuck like me.



It did not work with the other theme, but I checked on another forum and there where some issues when using this plugin in shapely theme.

Now, I have installed Jquery smooth scroll plugin, which works. At the moment, I’m having a hard time changing scrollspeed. :slight_smile:

@nattynoodle: I’m not using the pagebuilder plugin, thank you for your help.

Then it seems the issue with the plugin and not theme. Glad you made it work by using another plugin.