Page Title is not showing in header

Something very odd has happened, and not sure how.
The page title in the header has disappeared on the site I built at: I’m sure the title was there today and I have made only minor changes to the site today, not installed any new plugins, etc.
What is even stranger is that the site title is working fine on another site I have created with the same theme and settings at
I have some CSS added to display the title larger and in a different font, but removing this doesn’t make any difference.

Here is a page on where the site title shows correctly:

And here is a page on where it is not visible:
Moha Jenny Wong | Iyengar Yoga | Tai Chi | Pilates | iWellbeing | Milton Keynes

Any idea how I might troubleshoot this?
Many thanks

Hey there,
I hope you’re doing well today

This is strange indeed.
Firstly i’m going ask you to undo the changes you’ve made in regards to the plugins.
I’m also seeing some errors in regards to an image labeled moha1.jpg and the logo image.
Not entirely sure as to the reason why.

As for now try disabling the plugins let me know what happens.

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The only changes made to plugins is updating to latest version of Jetpack. I’ve disabled this and it makes no difference.
The other changes I made were to update the site logo and the site icon. I have removed these and it makes no difference.
What next? Thanks

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Please go to Appearance > Customize and check the header setting to ensure that the correct options are enabled and please provide a screenshot of the settings for us to inspect.

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I am not sure which settings you are referring to as there is no menu item called ‘Header’, however I have taken screen shots of both of these menu settings:

  • Customizr/Theme Options/Blog Settings/
  • Customizr/Header Image/

Are there any other settings I should be checking?

I am still struggling with this issue and, short of rebuilding the entire website, I am not sure what else to try.
Is there any other settings I can change that might show the header text, or any CSS I could try to force the display of header text,?

Thank you

Hi Tony,

  1. Did you have Yoast SEO plugin enabled in this site? Moha Jenny Wong | Iyengar Yoga | Tai Chi | Pilates | iWellbeing | Milton Keynes
  2. In that case, Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Yoast SEO breadcrumbs -> Title in blog post = ON,
  3. If that didn’t fix the issue then Open up /wp-content/themes/shapely/inc/extras.php and in line #584 you will see this line, ( Use WPIDE Plugin for code edits )

$title_in_post = get_theme_mod( 'hide_post_title', false );

change that to,

$title_in_post = get_theme_mod( 'hide_post_title', true );

Let us know,


Brilliant! You have found the problem.
The problem was a conflict with Yoast SEO.
In Customize, the screen for Yoast SEO breadcrumbs was not visible, so I had to firstly go to Yoast SEO and enable the breadcrumb feature.
I could then access the screen Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs from the Customizer and set the Title in Blog Post to On (it was showing as off previously).
This created a secondary problem in that both Yoast and the Theme were both displaying the title - so I could see two titles in the header as well as the normal page title on the page.
By disabling the Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs, the setting for Title in Blog Post was still kept, so the theme is now showing the Header again.
As this has resolved the issue, I didn’t change any of the theme code.
Thank you so much for helping to resolve what was a very frustrating problem. I will be using the Shapely theme again for further websites as it’s a very good theme for getting a website up and running quickly and compatible with all plug-ins that I’ve used so far.
Best wishes


In my case, page title are still not showing. I checked and Title in blog post is ON.

I want each title of categories (inside the Menu “PETITES MERVEILLES”) and pages to appear in the orange header callout. can you help me solve this issue please ?

Many thanks for your help.