Pagination problem in my Illdy theme website

Dear all,

I’m experiencing some navigation problem. It seems that the pagination is not working.

Can you please tell me what I’ve done wrong or if you had similar issues?

Hello @edofaravelli,

I’m sorry if I’m missing anything, but it does not seems to be the Illdy theme on your website.

Hello team,
I’ve used illdy theme for my website and in the blog page pagination is not working. I’ve tried a lot with backend but i am not able to do that so. I am totally stuck in this issue.

Can you please give me the best solution for it?

Hello @sandip,

The single best solution for this is to update the theme files to meet the latest version:

You are using an old version of the theme while this issue has been fixed since then.

Please make a backup of the current files before replacing them with new files as I see that you have done some modifications to it and this way you’ll be safe if anything goes wrong.


Hello @Ion Rutz,
if i update the theme and replace new version with my current one then will it be affected to my modification? Because i have done so many changes in to the files.


Hello @sandip,

If you have done core files modifications and you replace them with new - latest files, of course they will get modified/erased. To deal with core modifications and still be able to update the theme, you need to use a child theme for the custom coding.

If all you have done is to use different CSS solutions, you can just add them back after you replace the files.

You might want to replace the files one by one, starting with page-templates and template-parts and see if you can skip all the trouble of erasing everything.

Unfortunately, I cannot point you to an exact file that handles the blog pagination fix.


Hello @Ion,
I appreciate for your suggestions. And applogioze because my english is bit crap. In the last reply you said to update the theme but apart from that is there any other way that we can change or replace some files or using any plugin by which pagination could be work. Because it will be really painful if i update whole theme.


Hello @sandip,

Unfortunately, the developer that took care of this issue is no longer working with us so this just gets more and more complicated.

The only way forward would be to replace the files one by one and make this assisted update so you don’t broke or overwrite anything and still get the pagination fixed.

If you feel like it, add me on Skype ( Ion Rutz ) and I’ll do my best to point you to the correct files.


Hello ION,
I have been gone through whole code but couldn’t find best solution for it. It would be much much appreciated if you let me know that how can i get the best result by modification in any particular files. Because it will be so hard if i upgrade the theme. I will provide you the credentials of backend.

Your help would be greatly appreciated

Hello @sandip,

This situation is getting out of hand, I’m sorry for all the trouble so far but everyone should know better and use childs theme for any core files modifications.

Please add me on Skype ( Ion Rutz ) and I’ll do my best to debug this with you in real time
Unfortunately, I will only be available on Monday since I’m leaving in 2 hours and will switch a couple of towns.

Until further notice, please go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and change the Blog pages show at most to a greater value so no post stays hidden.

Best regards

all your replies marked as private. so, i am not able to read your answers.

Sorry about that, you pretty much hijacked someone else thread and I never saw that.

Bottoms up, I was asking you to add me on Skype ( Ion Rutz ) for live debugging as the situation is getting out of hand and I’m running out of ideas… Unfortunately, I can set up a call only on Monday, so please bear with me.

Until further notice, go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and change the Blog pages show at most to a greater value so no post stays hidden.