Paid for membership, no access

Hello, I have an active membership through 2/8/2023 but do not have access to any download buttons. I submitted multiple contact requests.

Hi there

When do you purchase a membership?
Unfortunately, I cant verify your purchase, you need to contact us though contact page


My bank statement shows I purchased the membership on 2/13/2022. I have already sent a contact request.


Our records show that you purchased an All Templates license on February 8, 2021, which is now expired. You did, however, purchase the Accent template separately on February 10, 2022, which you still have access to.

For the rest of the templates, you need to renew your access.

I have a charge for the Accent template ($19.00) on 2/10/2022 and the All Template license ($129.00) on 2/13/2022. Also, in my Colorlib account I was able to download a receipt for the payment for the specific dates noted.

Yes, you are right!
Payment does show up in the payment processor but didn’t show up in our dashboard. We have linked both of those together and everything should be working now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have access now. Thank you!

@J2Digital Thats nice to hear you resolved your problem :slight_smile:

I will mark this case as a resolved