Parallax broken Safari when Jetpack active

Hello support,

I am experiencing a problem with parallax sections on homepages in Safari.
I tried to deactivate all the plugins and figured it’s due to some conflict with Jetpack.

I don’t necessarily need Jetpack, but I do need custom content (testimonials and portfolio). Is this issue known to you? And is there any suggestion on how to fix it?

Thank you in advance!

Hey there

Sorry for inconvenience
I can’t recall such problems, can i see the problem? please provide link to the page and screenshot

Hello there,

It managed to solve it by clearing the cache. When logged in ad admin, it sometimes show strange margin / padding on top of the parallax sections. But then I clear the cache and it gets back to expected behaviour. For normal visitors I see no issue.

Solved for now.



Nice work solving this one and thanks for posting the solution.

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