Parallax Button #2 color missing

I have just installed the Shapely theme (and love it). I also installed the ColorLib plugin so I could add tags in the Content of the parallax. However, after I added the plugin, the button background for button #2 suddenly disappeared. I can read the label (when not against a white background) and the space is being held, but the background is transparent. I’ve attached an image that shows a Left Image parallax with the transparent button.


Thanks for a really great theme!

Hi @billtb,

That plugin was just temporary and we don’t recommand using it. Soon we will update the theme.

Can you give us a hand and try testing the theme?

see this post:

You could download from that post the new theme from github who offers html tags in content without the use of plugins.

Thank you for your understanding,


As far as I can tell, nothing has changed in version 1.10 … the color on button #2 is still missing and the tags don’t work without the plugin. See image below (I’ve removed the tags from the site, since we’re live … but the screenshot clearly shows the tags visibly)

Hi billtb,

Could you post the bugs that you find directly on github so the developer team could respond directly?