Parallax header on home page jerky scrolling in safari and Internet Explorer

When scrolling through the homepage of a shapley theme, the parallax effect scrolls very jerky. I experience this in internet explorer 11 and safari 10.

Is there anything that can be done to make it scroll smoother?

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Is this happening for you also on our following demo site?

Does this also happen on other browsers like chrome or firefox?

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Yes, the demo site has the same problem, also tested this on Firefox on Windows, which seem to work better.

Also tried changing the image for the parallax to a smaller size etc, doenst seem to matter in IE or Safari.

OK i have reported this issue to the theme developer so that it will be fixed in the future version of theme.

Hi Movin,

have you fixed the issue?


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A fix has not been dispatched as yet, however, I can assure you that it will be and that you will be notified of an update whenever it has been fixed.

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Hi there,

What is the outlook for this fix?

Further to the issue already reported here, I found that in Safari the “parallax section for frontpage” is reduced to the size of the header image at a height of 225px, see attached. Other browsers like IE, Edge, Firefox and Chrome all look fine.

Thanks for a speedy resolution.

I’m having the same issue with parallax in safari.

Please update us on the progress of this fix, it’s been quite a long time since it was first reported.

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