Parallax section background and image not centered

Hi there,

I am starting with WP and shapely and I try to understand how it works…
Here are my two first questions:

  • Background of parallax section seems to be white, except when image is set on the right (it is then grey). Is it correct? Is it possible to modify section background color?
  • When image is set on top, it is actually on left-top (the image is not centered). Can I change that?

Thanks for help

In WP there are plugins that you can refer to with web building features.

Hi, thanks for your answer.

Actually, I have already develop a WP site (2!) but with a much more simple theme (Twenty Ten). What I want here is to understand how Shapely works.
As far as I understand, Shapely Home Page is 100% set up with Shapely companion, is it correct?
If it is possible to use a page builder plugin on Shapely Home Page, could you tell me How?

I am sorry I cannot give you link for the moment, I develop the site localy, but my questions concern basic Shapely Theme features (parallax sections on home page)…

Hey there

Sarralux, my suggestion is to start with the demo template, if you install it you will see how the theme is working and how page sections are created, please also take a looks in the documentation.
yes, page builders can be used in the theme

Thanks a lot for your answer Noda.
I have started with demo template and it is by modifying demo home page that I am building my own home page.

As explained in documentation, I modifyed Demo Home Page using Appearance/Customize/Widget/Home page

At this point, I still have my 2 issues: When I select “top” for image position, the image is not centered (ie. positionned top left) and I cannot change background color (seems to be grey when image position is left and white otherwise).

How can I use a page buidler for Home Page? What pluggin do you recommand?

Thanks for your help

Good evening Sarra

I can investigate your problem if you provide access details privately,
You can use Elementor or Beaver builder :slight_smile: