Parallax section for front page still faulty

Hi there,
unfortunately the shapely widget “parallax Section for frontpage” doesn’t work properly or just as it should.

As descriped here some months earlier the widget always pushes itself over the upper field. Or the upper field moves over the lower one. its a question of perspective. Thats the behavior on desktop monitor. The situation can be fixed if the browser window is changed, bigger or smaller . Both results a propper bavior again.

On mobile browsers there’s no parallax behavior at all. Would also be glad to have it there:-)

That’s where it happens:
(The widget is used for KuKuK CafeBar background image)

Any help for solution is very welcome


Hi Chris

This is what I see right now, and I think this is the normal behavior of the widget, do you have a different picture? can you upload it?

thanx for your reply Noda,
Here’s my screenshot of the faulty parallax effect I sometimes see on a desktop browser.
On mobile browsers, there’s no parallax behavior at all. Would also be glad to have it there:-)


Hey Chris

I tried it once again and I still don’t have a problem, what is the browser and device you are using?

Hi Noda,
hhmm… I’m using Firefox 73.0.1 on a MacBook with MacOs Catalina (10.15.3). The mobile device, on which the parallax effect is never seen, is an iphone 8 with an also current IOs 13.3.1. But the missing or faulty effect is also reported to me by site visitors which use android mobiles or windows desktops.

The strange thing is that it only happens sometimes. And I can’t see any systematic pattern which causes the faulty behavior.