Parallax Widget Content

I have inserted an iframe for google maps in a parallax widget section under my homepage widget.

Can I display a contact form and text in that same parallax section widget ?

Thanks In Anticipation

Hi Adrian

Contact form and details can be displayed in the contact widget, but you may also try to display them in other widgets that support text field

Hey, I have a question about the new version of Shapely, which I downloaded early this morning. Its Widget “Parallax Section for FrontPage” isn’t working well with my website. In each of every widget is an installed text called “sharing with twitter, facebook, etc”. How can I delete this text?

Hello Happyme

Im sure you can do this from the widget itself, have you tried it? let me see your website

Hey Noda!

Thanks for your fast reply! Yes, I tried to solve the problem directly in the widget, but I couldn’t find any delete button or something like else. I also tried to use other widgets to represent my content. But unfortunately a few other widgets showed me the same thing with the social media sharing stuff.

Here is my website:

Thank you very much in advance!

hi Noda

my website URL :-

the section concerned is the Get In Touch I wish to display a google map a contact form and some text horizontally in the same section


Hello Noda! I really need help with this! My homepage looks terrible. I think the widget itself is the problem. But I used the same before the Shapely update.


Hello Noda! I really don’t know what to do. There are two Widgets in the new version of Shapely, which are having the social media links in it. That makes no sense to me.

How ist it possible to solve that?


Is it possible to install the version of Shapely before the last version? Seems like the latest version doesn’t work with the latest version of wordpress. Also the plugin Shapely Companion is not working well.