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Hi, I am following the step from this video but when is on 0:58 in my widgets on customize is not showing the homepage (as you can see on attached image) . What can I do for see homepage again?
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Please go to Appearance > Widgets and there should be a Frontpage widget area for you to add your widgets.
The Frontpage area is the widget area that is connected to the Frontpage so simply drop a widget there and it would appear on the homepage…

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I did it already (as you can see on the attached image), but I still don’t see the homepage when I go to customize.
What can I do?

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hi marinaficcio
when creating your homepage, did you choose Home Page as template? If not please follow colorlib theme documentation Shapely Theme Documentation - Colorlib

  1. Create a new page by going to WordPress Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New. You can use any title for this page but for now just call it “Front Page”.
  2. Now you need to change Template for this page. You can do that via “Page Attributes” that you can see on the right side of post/page editor screen. From Template dropdown menu choose Home Page. Now click Update page to save these changes.
  3. Once you have this page ready you have to set it as homepage for your website. You can achieve it by going to WordPress dashboard -> Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays -> A static page (select below) and there select your newly created page.

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That works, I understood what I did wrong now.
thank you very much.

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