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I am working on a website which needs a partner/client section and they have a strict requirement to put logo’s on exact size. What is the best option available for me? has anyone done that before?

I tried using testimonial widget/team members widgets however, the logo are in circles and it will not work for me!

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In order to have the logos displayed you would have to use a third party plugin, such as one of the following:

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I would like to edit the team widget. I would like the two top people to be in the middle.
is it possible ?

Thank you

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Can i see it? please provide url to the page and i will try, i can’t promise anything but i will try my best :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot it’s :

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OK, please try this css:

#illdy_person-3, #illdy_person-4 {
width: 50%;

but im not sure if you like this style,

p.s. you have one blank person, this is after “Kielwasser” its blank and you have to remove it

Great, thank you!

CSS does not work well and shifts the third person. (picture 1)

It would have to make the same effect as the photo 2 but for the two boys at the top.

There is a possibility to do that?


Yes, i see and im afraid this is not so easy to achieve :frowning: such things require customization, desktop view, tablet view and the mobile view must be created separately, I’m sorry to say but this job falls outside of our free support policies

Ok no problem, I understand. You are already very responsive, thank you very much

@Bere thank you so much for understanding :slight_smile:
Hoppe i can help you in your next question