Payment pending

Hi - I have purchased a years subscription but I am not able to download anything.
In my account area it says Payment Pending and I know that the money has been taken out of my account.

Please resolve this issue or kindly refund me.

Hey there

Sorry about that

@aigars-silkalns we need your help here :slight_smile:


24 hours after purchase and i still can not download any templates.
Can somebody sort this out please!!!

Hi there

Sometimes this helps, so, please try, reset your password and try again, you need to use the same Email used for the purchase


Hi, I have tried that but still showing as pending. I am almost 100% certain that you need to change the status of my order in your backend to allow me access to what I have paid for.

Please can you rectify this as this is getting very frustrating now.

Hi there

Sorry about that, @aigars-silkalns can you please take a look here?


Sorry for the delay.
The payment was pending in the Stripe payment processor and didn’t show up on our side.

We have sent you payment recipe information via email.

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