Payment reclamation / duplicate

Good Morning,

We have a credit card charge from you, but we will not authorize this purchase.
How we have to do to have the refund?

Hi there

Most probably you subscribed to a yearly membership, that’s why you get charged


Many thanks for your quickly anwer.
I understand. But this “yearly membership” (that is automatically renew) is not authorized by the company and the charge was not advise in advance . So now I have to reclam the refund, please.
Could you tell me how can i do it?
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Hi there

you need to use this form for refund requests:


Thanks Again.

I’m afraid this page does not exist. more options?

The link is worng. Please, Any other form (or way) to reclam card charge?

Many thanks in advance


Sorry, try this page instead: Contact us - Colorlib

perfect. Many thanks

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Have a good day