Photo cut in the blog part when I do a new article.

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See photo attached, I don’t understand why photo isn’t complete.

My website :

Hey there

Your site is covered by coming soon template,
Photo is covered by the title or category, this is part of the design, if you check our demo we have the same :slight_smile:


Thanks for reply.

I desactivate “coming soon template” in my website

Yes , I understand the title or category covered photo is part of your design but how can I have full photo. In this page Blog -

In my second website with shpaely too ( I have full photo. See

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Hi Damien

You can use this code:

.post-content .shapely-category {
    display: none;

Probably we already fixed your second website :slight_smile:


I try to put the CSS but anything change. I think I have maybe a problem with the CSS additionnel, the code does not seem active.

Hey there

It should work, let me see the code please, or past your code here

see screenshot attached.

Hi there

yes, indeed, you have mistakes, remove body rules, take a look here: Screenshot by Lightshot