Photo doesnt show on blog

I downloaded your theme and very happy with it!
But… my featured image in a blog post doesnt show up. It only shows the image that was selected for the blog page (where you see all blogs together).
But I want to show the photo of the post as well.
How do I do that?
You can see it on
Thanks in advance!

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

I checked a few of your posts but I don not see any images added inside them.

The featured image is only used for the blog section to represent the blog post so you need to add the image again in the blog post itself for it to appear.

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That is not how most themes work and I have worked with a lot of WP themes :wink:
Featured means it is shown as the image above… Or either to the side. With this theme it indeed doesnt do anything, except the blog. To be honest, that is just a bit weird… :wink:

Good to know. Bit of a shame tho, to be fair! Lot of extra work now…

I actually dont want it like this.
I dont want the same image on EVERY page of my website: page or post. This is what happens now.
Is there really no way around it?
I was so happy about this theme but this really dissapoints me.

As is the standard layout of the blog, where I am trying to find a way around it, but that also isnt supported by your theme. See

Would love to hear if there is a way to fix both things…

Hello there,

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

The theme was built to have one image as the header image for the blog so in order to have the featured image appear in the post you would have to have a third party developer edit the theme or use a third party plugin such as the following:

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Thanks for that.
But not really what I meant, but enough to solve it for now :wink:

But the image I put in for the blog, it also shows on all “pages”. Not sure if that is the way it should be. Is there a way around that?