photo from blog post doesnt appear on home page

Hi, Hope you can help. On the home page, the excerpt of the recent blogs show up . But it is text only. ie no photo shows up from the post. If we do a post that is only photos , ie a slideshow it shows up on home page. But if you add any text to the post the photos the photos arent there. Of course when you click read more or go to the actual post all images are perfectly there. I know that the activelo demo shows that this is possible.

can you help advise


Hi @rodsho,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Please make sure you have set featured image to the post as described in the following page.

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Hello ,

Your reply helped us refine the question. We realize that the situation occurs because we want the slider on the home page to always show our 7 original posts. This is because we want those slider images 'permanent ’ as well as the categories that show as they slide by. When we use the method you sent and ‘set featured image’ for the post it does indeed show the photo from the new post on the home page. BUT the new selected photo 'bumps one of the original off the slider.

Can we keep the slider as is (the first 7 posts with featured images) and be able to show pictures in new posts on the home page and also as thumbprints for Recent Posts. Are the slider photos always changing or can they be permanent.

Thank you
Rod Sho

The slider displays posts and images from the categories set in the slider options as shown in the attached screenshot so you can only assign that slider category to the posts that you want to display in the slider.