PHP-Error in content-extensions.php

Now using PHP 7.4 Will there be an update?

[19-Jan-2021 09:32:20 UTC] PHP Warning: Use of undefined constant Y - assumed ‘Y’ (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /www/htdocs/…/wp-content/themes/travelify.04.03.2020/library/structure/content-extensions.php on line 142

Hi there

Sorry about that, yes. the update will happen in the next month, february, so, stay tuned.

But, before this you may use it as is, it’s just a warning and functionality will not be affected

The error is shown on every page.

Hi there

7.4 version is not yet supported for that them, please downgrade version of PHP until that message disappears,

be aware we are making updates to all themes and soon such messages will be handled

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