Picture oversized with Widget/parallax problem

Hello Colorlib Heroes !

I succed to have little parallax on my pages thanks to picture and widget settings on static picture.


The problem is the zoom-in effect that. Is it possible to keep the picture at the real size ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there

Parallax images needs to be zoomed little bit, in this case you need a little bit bigger images, try something more than 2000px in width

Hello colorlib Hero and thanks,

I put 3000pixels large picture but it’s still zoomed and it’s a very strong zoom, around 100% zoom.

I hope we can fix picture size with no zoom. Then it will be very great and like homepage parallax on all the theme.

Thank you and have a nice day !

Hi Bekir

they look better, but, check one thing, while selecting images in WordPress media make sure you are selecting full-width image and not cropped version


Hi Colorlib Hero !

Everything is nice now, thanks to your precious help !

Best Regards !

That’s great

Thank you too and have a nice day