"Pin"-effect for pages or just posts?

And now my other question… As far as I can tell, the pintrest visual applies only to posts in this theme. Is there some why to apply it to pages also? I am trying to build a website, not a blog, but love the way the grid-system works visually. Thanks for the lovely theme!

I don’t see why you can’t use posts to create a static website. You can disable comment for posts and pages the same way. The only difference is that post have author name and date but you can simple remove them by using the code I already provided on your other thread.

.pinbin-date, .pinbin-meta {
    display: none;

It seems like certain plug-ins (yes here we go again with plug-ins, sorry) work only on pages, not on posts. I’m working on http://preview.bremerjugendkantorei.de/ and would like to be able to sometimes use a slider as the “featured image” of a post on the main page, for example. Is there some way to do that?

I also have a nice event plug-in running at Kalendar | Bremer Kinder- und Jugendkantorei but can’t set that up as a post, just as a page.

Since I am doing this just as a choir father, I don’t have ftp access. I can get in only through the WP interface. Can code help me there?

As you can tell, I am also just a WP beginner.

I did see your answer to Mr.Kurator’s question 2. Maybe AdSense is what I’m looking for, too. Will try it.