Plain post title above post featured image (Error)

I just upgraded to 3.0.8, and now I’ve got a random plaintext reiteration of the post title appearing before the featured image. I would like it to go away.

After a stint of scouting around, I discover that (a) a bunch of other people also have this problem, and (b) theoretically this code lives in library/structure/content-extensions.php. But when I look at the loops in that php that mention has_post_thumbnail(), I cannot see anything that’s causing the misbehavior.

function travelify_theloop_for_template_blog_image_medium()
function travelify_theloop_for_template_blog_image_large()

If the unwanted text had any css hooks, I could just suppress its display. But nope.
(I am using a child theme.)

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hey there

Yes, this is a known problem and I already reported it to the developers, unfortunately, there is nothing I can do in this case, we have to wait for the next theme release

weeks? months? years? any prediction at all?
if there were hope of not-extremely-long, i could avoid hunting for a new theme.

Hi Lydia :slight_smile:

Ok, can you please share access details of your website privately? I need admin details and FTP details :slight_smile: