please help I need some changes


everything alright.
at first happy holidays.

1: on my site you have send me a css code the change the menu color. but now is de color yellow when you move the mouse above it.
I want it red for my clients.

2: on the bottom the field is black. I want to change that color please?

3: and is it possible to make a submenu? like about us and than you move the mouse and see more options?
our like a flipper button. when you push the button and that you see than the menu?

thanks again.

Hello Christiaan,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

  1. Please add the following code in Appearance > customize > Additional CSS to change the hover color:
        body #header .top-header .header-navigation ul li:hover a {
    color: #dd3333;

  1. Add this code to change the footer’s background color:
         body #footer, body #footer .bottom-footer {
    background-color: #dd3333;
  1. Yes, you can make a multi level menu.
    Here is a great tutorial on WordPress menus: WordPress Menu User Guide « WordPress Codex
    Just scroll until you reach: Creating Multi-level Menus

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,