please help to change home picture Jumbotron because of lock not working


I have the IIldly theme but want to change the frontpage picture on the top?
I can’t do this because there is a lock on it!!!
I read this in jumbotron section:. Will only be displayed if a custom front-page is set in Settings → Reading.
but I can’t change it

And a another problem is I want to change the color of the Testimonials Section. it is now purple and I want a new color!!

so please help me with it otherwise I have to choose e another theme/template

Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.
Firstly the lock means that jumbotron section cannot be moved, if you click on it, you can still edit it.
If the section is greyed out, please check to see if you have the companion plugin installed.

  1. Do you have the Illdy Companion plugin installed and activated.
    Appearance > About Illdy > Recommended Plugins

  2. The background image in the testimonial area is purple and not an overlay, you can only change the color of the actual testimonial. To do this go to Customize > Front Page Sections > Testimonial Section. You’ll find the color sections here.

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