Plugin Compatability

My website is showing 404 error when I click on anything including tabs and links. I contacted my domain host and they said there was an issue with my theme or I am relying on plugins that are not compatible with my themes.

Attached is an image of all the plugins we have installed. Are any incompatible? Am I missing any that the page needs to function?

Any ideas as to what else in the theme could be causing this problem?

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Please try the solution to fixing 404 errors in the tutorial below.

In regards to plugins that you might want try and disable give

  • mojo market place
  • WP forms a try.

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Thanks for the video, it worked to allow access to my pages but now my home page is gone…this is what is now appearing for my home page.


Our home page is configured via Widgets, you need to go to Appearance -> Customize -> Widgets -> Home page and configure all those with the [shapely] widgets, something like this

You can also try to import the demo content and widget content and customize that according to your needs. Shapely Theme Documentation - Colorlib follow the second step.

If all fails, can you pass us the WP Login details in a private reply, so that I can check what is going wrong.

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