Plugins: Shortcode Ultimate and Meta Slider not working

Hi. I have a problem with Illdy.
Plugins: Shortcode Ultimate and Meta Slider not working.
After inserting the code from Shortcode Ultimate and Meta Slider plugins, I do not see the desired effect, only the code is displayed on the page. Why?
Screenshots from my Home page (“Strona główna” on the screenshot)
Please help.
Thank you.

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
make sure you entered pure shortcodes and they are not wrapped in any html tags, also please provide link to your website and i will take a look at few other things

Colorlib Support Team

Oh, one more thing. Shortcods work correctly in other templates without a problem eg in the standard Twenty Seventeen template.

Hi, thank you for quick reply :slight_smile: Sorry for my English
Link to my page:
I used the help at
I checked everything and it’s fine. So why shortcodes do not work?
I have a few more questions.

  1. How and where can I change the height (size) of each section?
  2. Where to change the colors and size of the fonts and the position of the text to the left or right, the position of the buttons, etc.
  3. How to make a child theme?
  4. Change everything in main.css or in the settings in custom extra css?
  5. How is the easiest way to divide a page (section) into columns? That’s why I wanted to use shortcodes, among other things.
    Thank you.

Hi there

Looks like checking several things in the backend is necessary, please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case. Don’t forget to mark your reply as private!

  1. you cant define custom height f the sections, height is depending on the content inside
  2. everything which can be customized can be found in appearance > customize
  3. you can find better answer in the internet, here is the plugin we recommend Child Theme Creator by Orbisius – WordPress plugin |
    please note, if you are not going to modify theme files then its not necessary to use child theme
  4. no, dont touch any theme files, your new css rules can be stored in appearance > customize > additional css
  5. you can use third-party free page builders like beaver builder and others

Colorlib Support Team

Can I add my section to the “front page sections”? Can I only use built-in sections? How can I do it?
Returning to our previous conversation, shortcods do not work only on the front page.
If I add them to other sections, then it’s ok.


regarding sections - Which or what section you want to add to front page section??
built in sections can be used on frontpage
Shortcodes, where exactly shortcodes is not working? at this moment i see on your website everything is in working conditions. my suggestion is to open same question to the plugin developers support boar, most probably they have more experience to troubleshoot theme problems

I added screenshots to my post. How can I remove completely selected elements together with pictures, text and everything so that nothing stays?
Returning to my question about adding my section to the front page. I was wondering if I could add “my” section created entirely by me as a separate file. And add a section that I’ll create to existing embedded ones.

Hi there

  1. Each section has the option to make it visible or not at the top right corner in the customizer, so if you want to hide them just disable it
  2. You can do anything - Yes, indeed but this will require customization of the template, anythings possible t add anywhere but this will requires custom work. from theme default functions you can add only predefined sections

I used Illdy. Why is this template connected with colorlib from time to time?
“TLS handshake with Colorlib”. What data do you collect? Where they are camouflaged entries for TLS connections in this template and how can I remove them?


I believe there is something wrong, theme is not “connected” to our website
Can you provide little bit more details about this last question?


Screenshot in jpg format.

Hi again :slight_smile:
Where can I change the text under posts in the Latest news section and on the buttons on the blog page - this text: “Read more”?

hi there

  1. The wrong alert :slight_smile: this is connection message but your site is not connected to our servers, it simply displayed when some content is loaded from our server, for example, theme uses default images which is hosted on our server and when this process is happening you can see that message,
  2. text change - unfortunately this is not optional t change text without customization this is not possible