Polylang Menu Support


Thank you for the wonderful theme. I’m building a web resource for a nonprofit and it needs to have two languages. I’m using the Polylang plugin, since qTranslate hasn’t been updated in a while. Everything works fine except that Sparkling doesn’t allow for multiple menus, and Polylang needs a different menu for each language.

I followed all the instructions, but Polylang suggests that the following steps must be taken to allow for multiple nav menus. Incorrect usage of wp_nav_menu | Polylang

The footer menu changes according to my settings, just not the header menu. Here is the site: http://www.windhamfood.org/en/

Can you please help?

Thank you!

Sorry for late response. Just returned from vacation.

There must be something else going on because this theme does specific menu location and you can see it defined here.

I am not familiar enough with Polylang plugin but this theme does use the best practices mentioned in Polylang blog.