Poor performance on WordPress 5.0.1

After upgrading to WordPress 5.0.1 performance on theme get very low. Site need about 10-40s to fully load. I tested on lower wordpress version and it’s ok, other themes working ok.

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please provide url and i will take a look

Site url - https://cleansoul.pl
As I good remember everything worked ok 3-4 days ago but yesterday and today performace is very low, other sites on the same server working ok. I tried to install fresh wordpress with Portum Clean and situation is the same.

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i have the same problem since i updated to wordpress 5.0.1 …with two different sites. it is for sure the theme. other themes work fast.

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most of the time about 11 seconds was lost on the connection to the url, server, and it results to 304 not modified error, you can check this in the server log file, also this is visible in the developer tools, get in touch with your hosting support to resolve this problem

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You are right it looks like server fault but strange is that, when I switched to basic theme, everything back to normal and works fine (screenshots in the attachment, they are made minute by minute). I tried to install fresh wordpress with portum and everything is ok until I get demo content. Then it got 10s delay from server, maybe it is some module from demo content which causes this?

I have the same problem. So it can not be a server problem. With other themes the speed is fast, and with that Theme it is very slow.
Attached the logfile of my site web.ballschule.org


Could you please upload that file as an image? Using a .log file is not a file format that is accepted.

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here a screenshot

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Try on the deactivated plugin, deactivate epsilon page builder and try the test on the blank page, without anything on it

After update to 1.0.4 performance back to normal and everything work fast as should. :slight_smile:
But after update is a little problem with site size.
Probably the css is set to min than max.

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i think several kb’s will not affect user experience :smiley:
is there anything else?


I was not talking about site weight but it width. :slight_smile:
All content on pages is resized to 8.33% and looks like on the attachment.
Tested on original css without any plugins and css modifying.


The page content seems to appear correctly.
I viewed this page: Cennik - Clean Soul

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