Pop up portfolio galleries


I’m after making my galleries pop up from the portfolio widget, so my viewers do not go to the blog format page (I’m trying to avoid them seeing this format as much as possible).

I’ve tried the solution presented here https://colorlibsupport.com/t/portfolio-pop-up/ but this isn’t quite what I want. Rather than have the text and thumbnails pop up over the image I would like to have the lightbox style effect pop up with the wider gallery viewed and text allowing people to then select images, more like a page within a page.

Also with this is there a possible way to make all my portfolio thumbnails the same height, effectively scaled without manually doing so.

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You can try using a light box plugin such as the following:

The portfolio items should be the same height. Could you please add a link to your page?

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The website is


I’ve installed simple lightbox and followed the code on the previous post mentioned above. I’m trying to avoid directing viewers away from my frontpage. I would like to have the lightboxes and page text pop up in a slideshow style / lightbox style view when you click on it.

Is there any news on this?

I used the solution here:


but it doesn’t seem to work, however when i add the additional code suggested later, to pull the thumbnails through it does…

Please help!

Okay I think I’ve worked out a solution but need a little help implementing it.

What if I use a modal portfolio plugin? But then how do I get the widget to look at those portfolios rather than the jetpack portfolios? Presumably I just edit the line in the widgets php to look at the plugin rather than jetpack?

Any help with this?