Popup out of screen

Hi! im having an issue while using “edumark” template. Im trying to use a sign in pop up for listing other type of content and this works fine if its not a lot of things, when i put on more the pop up goes off screen on the top. Is there any way to keep its position fixed with a margin so i doesnt go off? (the file attached shows the issue, thats the wy it appeas on click and you cant see anything thats above it on the popup)

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Well, since its an HTML template you can do anything with it, you just need at least a beginner experience with he HTML and CSS to make such changes

Hi! Yes, i know that! Altough i have the experience i could not work through this issue, thats why i came here :slight_smile:

Hi there

Can I see the problem? please provide url of the page with this problem and I will check it :slight_smile:

Hi, thaks for the reply, right now im building it offline as i dont have server access yet, is there any way for you to see it?

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Well, I need to see the problem, without seeing the actual problem I can’t provide any fix for it, are you planning to push it on the liver server?

Hi, thanks for the response but i already find a way out of using that pop-up.
But in another page im having issue just centralizing itens inside the div, im sendind a printscreen and maybe you can help me without the page being live on server. I need to horizontally these “team” pics. These you can find into the “about” page in the edumark template.


Hi there

Im sorry, but im still asking for website url to see the problem, we cant check your problem without seeing an actual problem