portfoli page header image

I am trying to work out how to hide the top image (taken from the featured image) on the individual portfolio pages.
If I use .

entry-header {
display: none;

works perfect for the individal portfolio pages but also hides the title on the main page.

how can i hide it on the portfolio page but kepp the title on the main page with either CSS or editing the the templates


Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out.
Relating to your question here could you please share a link to a sample portfolio page so that we can assist on this.
I look forward to your reply.
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is the portfolio

Hi there

Use this code please:

.single-jetpack-portfolio .entry-header {
display: none;

thank you that works but I still have a large white gap at the top of the page. How do I selete the gap?

I have tried to find the template for the page to adjust it

thank you


Where exactly? can you highlight it for me on the screenshot?

this section


you can use this code:

section.content-area {
padding-top: 0px;
.post-content .entry-content .post-title {
margin-top: 0px;

awesome worked perfectly thank you

You are welcome :slight_smile:

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!