Portfolio - a few questions . . .

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I have been using the Colorlib Shapely theme, loving it.

I’ve just started building the portfolio elements. I have got a test going on the home page, created categories and can see that when I have created a page - Projects Archive | MKA Architects - it is auto populated with the projects.

But it isn’t easy to control.

  1. Categories - How do I get the categories to show on the portfolio page to enable a reader to see all or filter by category? I have set three categories, none show on the portfolio page.

  2. The Shape thats visible when the portfolio loads in (a rotating square) How do I change the colour of this so it matches the new changes I have made to the theme and doesn’t take on the default colour of the original theme?

  3. Text behaviour - the text rolls up from the bottom on mouse over. This isn’t good for tablets and mobiles. Can I stop this and have the the text showing all the time?

  4. Project pages (e.g. https://mka-architects.co.uk/wp/portfolio/project-test-2/ ) - can I use a page builder plugin on these pages? Ive got Site Origin’s page builder installed but it doesn’t seem available on these portfolio pages?

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  1. Here’s a tutorial on how to manipulate portfolios: https://webdevstudios.com/2015/01/27/create-a-filterable-portfolio-with-wordpress-and-jetpack/ Tweak that according to your needs.

  2. Change Spinner color:
    Kindly add and save the following code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

/*change spinner color*/
.spinner {
    background-color: red !important;
  1. Unfortunately i’m unable to replicate this issue, as it works fine on devices available, please tell me what kind of tablet and browser you’re using?

  2. In regards to the page builder, not all page builders were made equal, so there maybe some incompatibilities
    Please send a request to have this issue checked out to our github. https://github.com/puikinsh/shapely/issues

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Hi thanks for your answers I’ll try them out.

BUT I have another problem. I installed the East Photography Portfolio last night. This seams to have overrides my portfolio page. I have deleted the plugin but my original portfolio page no longer works, the original two pages (one for original portfolio function and one for Easy Photographer plugin) when clicked from the menu didn’t open. I have now created a new one, and that doesn’t open either.

I now can’t get any portfolio function to work!

see - Projects Archive | MKA Architects