Portfolio items not showing on mobile

When I Customize Portfolio and set it to Masonry only the title and the text are rendered and no portfolio item shows on mobile. PC and Tablet work ok, but mobile does not.

The only way to have it show something is to remove the Masonry toggle, but it looks too jammed.

I already tried everything mentioned on a previous thread / post and nothing works. I would love to have the theme display my portfolio items in Masonry layout, it looks way better than without it.

Could you provide some help?
Here is my site: www.vandefoto.com

Thanks a lot.

Hi there

At this moment I see only the grid layout, please set it to Masonry and I will check why its not working


Just changed it to Masonry but with Full Width Container toggle set to off.
Thanks a lot

Hi @vandefoto

ON desktop Its still visible as a grid: Screenshot by Lightshot and I’m afraid there is no way to change this by custom CSS since its controlled by the JS.
On mobile its visible like this: Screenshot by Lightshot and I guess this is normal?


Yes. I see the same but only when I clear my browser history. As soon as I start navigating to other pages and coming back to the home page, the portfolio items dissapear.
This only happens in mobile


Which model of mobile phone do you have? i tried it on my android phone and I cant replicate the problem, can you please try it from other devices?


I have an iphone 13 Pro Max. And I tried it in two more iphones (11 and 7) and the same happened: no portfolio items shown.