Portfolio Links

I love this theme and the portfolio section looks great but I just want it to show images and scroll over title. Therefore can I remove the link function with css?

Hey there

May I take a closer look?
can you please provide URL of the page and brief explanation of what exactly you want?


Hi the website isn’t live at the moment, I can send a log in if that helps.

I would like the portfolio images to show, but to not link anywhere, just be static images with a roll over title.

Can you also tell me how to change the header area colour from white and alter the menu font size with custom css?

Many thanks

Hey there

That may require some CSS code, I can help with this, but I need a url of the website, you can refresh this ticket once you get your site online


Hi, I’d love to get this sorted before launch, is there a secure way of sending you a log in?


hi there

Sure, you can Dm me and I will check it


Thanks, how do i do that privately?


I just sent you a private message