Portfolio page thumbnail size/borders/spaces

Hello, Thank you in advance for being so helpful with your theme. IT’s great. I have a question. I wonder if it is a limitation of the Shapely free theme. I am looking at this page:


I would like to adjust the size of the thumbnails (make them larger so that only 3, or 2 are on each line) and place a white space (like a border) around each one so they don’t jam up against each other. Is this possible? I can’t seem to find any way to do it.

Additionally I would like to add some text below the block of thumbnails on the page but it doesn’t show up when I put it on the portfolio page.

Thank you!

hey there

Sorry but such changes are not optional :frowning: without major customization this is not possible, another solution is to use third-party page builder with a portfolio options