Portfolio Seo Title Page

Thanks for this theme!
I have a few problems and as a beginner I need help.

  1. How can I change the seo title, focus keyword and URL on the porfolio page?
    My website is: https://www.nanobeauty.com.pl
  2. Is there a chance to fix the problem with bold Polish characters (ę,ą, ź) in this theme without changing the main font? And if not, how to chage it.
    Thanks a lot.

Hello there,

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1.You can use the Yoast SEO plugin to provide you more options to control the SEO for the pages:

  1. What exactly is the issue with those characters ?

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Thank you for your answer.

Ad. 1 I have Yoast Seo installed but for this site there is no possibility of editing it at all. On any other page there is “edit page” option and there is the yoast seo editor. How can I fix it on portolio page?

Ad. 2 On some browsers (like IOS and Safari) it look like this: “zdrowie i piękno” or “potwierdzające”. Characters like ą, ę, ż, ź are always strong.

Thanks a lot.