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I would like to make the image sizes in my portfolio widget bigger and with no spacing between them. Is this possible? I’m trying to make an image gallery and link to my clients’ websites, so the portfolio widget seems like the best bet here.

Tried searching for forum but didn’t see this specific request. My site is rlionemusic.com. Thank you!


hello Russell

Russell, please always include a link of the page/post in your question, without a link we cant check if its possible or not and it will saves your time :slight_smile:

It was included in the last sentence, but here it is again:



Ups, sorry :frowning:
At this moment what i see is small images in the portfolio section, these images don’t have enough dimensions to cover the entire container, so, first of all, you definitely need to try bigger images

Hi Noda,

I did try uploading bigger images, but the widget seems to automatically scale them down to this small size. I uploaded some images and published the changes so you can check it out. Thanks again.


hey there

Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.logo-carousel img {
max-height: initial !important;

Colorlib Support Team