Portfolio with multiple language options


I’m using the Polylang plugin to have a multiple language site and it works fine. But, the functionality doesn’t exist on the ‘Portfolio’ section.

So if I add a new project to my portfolio it can only be done in one language. But I want to add the same project in Dutch and in English, so that on the Dutch version of the site the project will show in Dutch, and on the English site the project will show in English.

But the plugin does not offer that option. So, is there another option to create the projects in multiple languages for the different ‘sites’?

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Hi H,

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Could you please try using Multilingual Custom Post Types feature of it as described on the following page?


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Hi Movin,

Thanks for you reply. Your suggestion has solved the problem, thanks.

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I have got the same problem but I don¨t have the language tag in my settings.

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EDIT: OK, solved, sorry

@Anna Awesome great to see you got that solved.

Please advise if you have more questions by creating separate topic.

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