Post and Slideshow Images

I have a question regarding the slider images and post images. I read the documentation for the Dazzling theme and I still cannot figure out how you manage to get the image to be full screen size on the slider and on the post 730x410. It seems that on the slider only part of the image is shown and on the post the full image is shown.

I was playing around with the image sizing and I activated the featured image on the posts and uploaded a 800x600 image. It got resized to a 730x410 on the post, but when I go to the homepage where the slider is the image is not full screen size like it displays on the Dazzling Demo. My question is, do I have to create two different size images?


I use 1920px by 550px images as featured images. That way they are displayed in full for featured slider and are cropped down to 730px by 410px for featured images.

Images for featured slider are not stretched and that’s why 800 by 600 images are too small. They must be wider, to become full width.

Ah, I see. Thank you so much!