Post in other pages created

I need to clarify a question, i want to do new post in other pages, for example, i have home, page2, page3 in my menu, but all post go to home and i want to put in other pages, page2 or page3, as in the following

someone have any idea how to do this?

I am really confused about what you are trying to achieve.

Some things that might help to setup menu can be found here.

I want to create new post in other pages, not in homepage only, i want to do post in other pages inside my web, when i do a new post, this go to homepage and i dont want this

Then you have to setup multiple categories like I have in theme demo.

Then choose only one category that will be displayed in blog page via Theme Options - Main Options - “Homepage Post Options”

Now you will be able to post new article in those categories and they will not going to be displayed in front page.

Let me know if this helps.

hi Aigars,

I am having similar problem. Look I know how to take care of the content in the homepage, thanks to the good design and good freedom in the theme options, but I have issues with other pages.

I have a HOME, ABOUT ME (both static), and two other pages called PHOTOGRAPHY and MUSIC. I would like my posts about photography to be listed when I go to PHOTOGRAPHY, and the post related to music be listed in MUSIC. I have assigned different tags, and categories to my posts, but unfortunately all my posts are listed in both pages.

I hope it is clear, but here is the address of my website

  1. Blog is where ALL tags, categories etc comes together. So you don’t need to create multiple blog pages because it is not going to work.
  2. If you want to use two different categories you should just use those categories like I have in the theme demo. These posts are also listed in the blog but they aren’t listed in other categories unless they are categorized under two or more categories.

Thanks so much, I did it, now it works