Post Like Page When Viewing Items


I am using Travelify with BBpress. The theme works perfectly for the forum. However, when I try to click on a name in a private message, I see the below pic.

I should be seeing lists of messages.

I believe the theme is trying to open up other pages in some sort of summary post. I have combed through the options and can’t find the ability to turn that off. I use Travelify on another site and haven’t had this problem before.

Could you help me correct this?

The forum is a private forum. I would be happy to send you a username and password if you need to see it first hand. Here is a link to what I see -

I’ve also attached the pic.

Thank you.

hey there

Can you please try the exact same procedure on the default wordpress theme?
please provide URL of the page so that we can see it in live

Hi Noda,

Thank you for your response. The issue does not happen when I use the 2017 theme. I’ve attached a screenshot.


Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Please provide a link to the site along with a forum username and password in a private reply here.

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The link -

Username - tsepulveda-test
Password - GA6ZefYV9pfxNPRN


tsepulveda the problem is that theme is not fully compatible to the bbpress, it does not show profile details on the user profile page and in order to fi this you need to integrate third-party bbpress plugin related to user profile page